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Lectio Divina

Below you will find the format for Lectio Devina scripture reflections. 
Use the following useful links to - Link to Daily Readings - Carmelite Lectio reflection - Lectio for Advent booklet to assist you with your reflections.

Format for Lectio Divina

A reading and reflection on the Scriptures which leads to prayer and transformation of life

Reading – getting to know the text (senses)

At this stage we come to know the text in its entirety. We look at it as a whole, embracing all the elements of it. What is the human author trying to tell in the text? This reading is the beginning of a process that leads to meditation, prayer and the transformation of life.

• Take in all the elements of the text.

• Be aware of context, related texts, quotes.

• Who are key characters; what are key words.

• Apply all that you know about the text.

• Don’t choose any one thing to work with at this stage.

Meditation – engaging with the text, making it my own (reason)

Here we begin to reflect on the text. We approach the text not from its literal meaning, but from a theological point of view. What does it say about the God who speaks to me, and how I am to respond to that God. The text here acts like a mirror; it reveals to us our own faith journey and what we need to do to live it better.

What does the text tell me?

• about the God who speaks?

• about responding to that God?

• about my faith life?

• about what I need to do to transform my faith life?

Prayer – let prayer emerge from your working with the text (will)

Our prayer here arises out of meditation. We are humbled and have become aware of our need for God to help us. We pray for the grace to put into practice our insight into what we need to do to live our faith life more fully

• Our prayer stems from our reading / meditation.

• Meditation humbles us, so we turn to God in our need.

• We seek the grace we need to do what we must to transform our life.

• We acknowledge that alone we can do nothing.

• I can do all things in him who strengthens me

Action – throughout the day

To help us throughout the day to focus on our particular insight we now choose a word, phrase or sentence. By repeating it during the day we are reminded of what we need to do, and remember that God gives to us the help that we need to do it. The goal of lectio divina is transformation of life, so this continuing repetition is like a leaven that brings about the transformation.

• Now choose a word, phrase, sentence.

• Bring it to mind frequently during the day.

• Let it recapture the experience of your lectio.

• Use it especially in situations relating to your lectio insight.

• “Daily and hourly till the soil of the heart with the Gospel plough”.

Shared lectio involves hearing the word together, sharing one’s initial insights into the text, and then, after a private time for meditation, sharing something of those deeper reflections. After a time of prayer, the text chosen for daily reflection may also be shared.